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Artist: Cardinelli

Tech House / Progressive House

Cardinelli or Camilo Berardinelli is a music enthusiast in constant evolution. The self-taught DJ and producer,

started his story with electronic music in the 2000s, but he established himself professionally in 2017.

In these 5 years he studied with dedication and today brings all his musical experience with compositions

full of energy, vocals and striking basslines, creations that convey unique feelings in every detail.

The artist has shared a stage with great national artists, and today his name is known internationally and,

less than two years since its first release, the artist has already had more than 170 thousand plays on

streaming platforms, and supports from great artists national, international and radio stations of

great expression in Brazil, such as: Jovem Pan, Energia 97 and Atlântida FM, proving that Cardinelli is a

complet artist. Resident of The Lab Sessions nucleus of Colombia and A&R of the

Toxic Astronaut Records label, Cardinelli shows a lot of love for electronic music,

and his commitment to it is an indispensable factor for his artistic evolution and that’s why

we reaffirm that Cardinelli is a musical enthusiast in permanent evolution. 


Artist: Morphi

Jackin House / House

His taste for music begins at an early age, influenced by the sounds of funk and disco music,

which leads him to a musical exploration, encompassing genres such as house and techno

from the early 90s, which he closely follows in its evolution until today; process that helps to

build his musical identity. With the appearance of the great electronic festivals of the late 90s,

his passion for the DJ scene also appeared, which grew over time until he defined his

practice as such. Initially, he worked as an empirical DJ at private parties, until 2015 where he

pursued studies to establish himself as a Professional DJ. His sets are marked by the presence

of groovy basses on house and techno bases that, accompanied by nuances of funk and disco,

are harmoniously synchronized to give the audience fluctuating sensations between

fullness and ecstasy, resulting in an unforgettable experience. This has led him to play in the

main clubs in Bogotá and to position himself in a short time as one of the innovative

DJs in the capital scene.

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