DJ Joel Cabana Guest DJ on Vegas Mix Down on Highway Vibe Radio 98.1 FM

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DJ Joel Cabana, Resident for House nation Toronto recently had the opportunity to be showcased on a US based radio station.  After grabbing the attention of DJ Fernando G from the Vegas Mix Down on Highway Vibe Radio 98.1 Joel was offered not one but two different time slots. You can ear his contribution Friday the 7th of September at 11 P.M. PDT (Vegas time) or 2 A.M. EST (Toronto / New York time). This is a milestone for Joel who will be demonstrating his talents on air of an established California, Arizona and Nevada brick and mortar radio station that has been in operation for over 20 years with a potential reach of over 50000 listeners.

Tune in online on Highway Vibe Radio


Post update:

Starting friday the 21rst of September Joel has been offered an ongoing showcase on a by-weekly occurrence. Joel will perform 30 min of house and underground music in 2 parts of the Vegas Mix Down with DJ Fernando G. Tune in! on The highway Vibe Radio 98.1 FM

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