HNT-TLS X-Over Event with Andres Fierro

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Sunday July 21 @ 05:00 P.M.

Born in Colombia, he began his career in 1997. His career then quickly took on a personal style and became

one of the best Colombian DJs / producers. Its sounds are indefinable.

Very few DJs can go from one genre to another with a fluid sense of what the audience wants, but without effort, fuses musical styles

Genres : House, Progressive, Minimal, Techouse and Techno.


His brand of beats, lines of energetic and hard bass, however, uplifting melodies that become a special environment in a way that very few can.

of one of the best and most recognized clubs that marked the beginning of the electronic scene in Colombia, CINEMA,

invited to be part of the lineup in the best clubs and events such as Morroco, Gotica, La Sala, where he had the opportunity to share the stage

with great and representative international artists such as Cesar del Rio, Jose de Melero in Coccon, El Pasha, El Divino, Jhon Acquaviva,

Carl Cox, Felipe Volumen, Nick Warren, Xl Garcia, Santos, Darren Emerson, in Time Warp (GER) among others.





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