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Intro: Welcome to HNT Radio’s interview series. We are excited to be

in company with DJ 5TEFAN5 today and thank you for giving us the

time for this interview. DJ 5TEFAN5 calls home Germany and has

been a DJ on HNT Radio since 2021.

You can tune in to Radio Dance Tapes on his regular time slot which is

Saturdays 1 p.m.


1. How did you first get interested in electronic music?

Some when in the 80s when it all started with Acid House I was fascinated by the new sound. In Germany the so called “Neue Deutsche Welle” (NDW) was just reinventing the Music and I got caught by the House sounds.

2. Who are your biggest influences in the electronic music industry?

This is hard to answer, there is no one or two Names. It was more a journey and a development. A lot of DJs in that time also started to remix actual tracks and they sounded really exciting and so different. In that Time Sven Väth and Marusha were also in the starting block and on the Radio all the Time. For me the influences still go on.

3. What is your favorite genre of electronic music?

Most of the time I’m mixing Dance Music, but Tech House is the secret love. Well and there is nothing wrong with Deep House (and a cocktail at the pool)

4. What DJ equipment do you use and why?

As a mobile DJ you have special requirements for equipment…

Actual I use a Denon DJ MXC 8000 with Serato DJ Pro (For the sake of convenience) the Backup option is Engine Prime. The Controller offers me the best flexibility with inputs and outputs. Especially if you don’t know what to expect at your next event.

Beside that there is a Novation Launch Pad and Native Instrument Kontrol M32. All that is used to prepare Remixes, Mashups, Edits and sometimes own tracks

5. If you were asked to do a warmup set for any artist who would it be?

Thanks to a DJ friend I follow now for a while Laid Back Luke, I guess it would be cool to do a warmup set for him.

6. Where do you see yourself in DJ’ing 5 years from now?

I would say aim high: Tomorrow Land. It’s never too late to dream, right?

7. How has your experience been as a DJ with HNT Radio?

Awesome, so far. It was a warm welcome from everybody and always supporting crew. Glad that I got asked to host a show on HNT Radio. Best decision!

8. What is the origin of you DJ name?

Easy to answer, it’s my Name and just substitute the “S” with a “5”

9. Have you ever been known as another DJ name?

Not that I know.

10. What inspired you to become a DJ?

It was the music, the remixes and a weekly radio show around the end of 80s. So, I started to build from scratch my first mixer to be able mixing two vinyl’s. That was fascinating for me and so I did that a couple years. Then somehow priorities shifted, and I stopped doing it. But many years later my friend Sven FM from the Netherlands hook me accidently again up on it. And since then, I’m back in and love it.

11. Do you have any tracks in the works? Record label?

There is always something in work. But you can also check out my Soundcloud profile and listen to some of my stuff.

12. Where have you performed? What venues?

As a mobile DJ you have no fixed location there is always a request to DJ. In my area we have normally a lot of festivals / events going on and this is where you can find me or you can meet me at weddings, company events and so on.

13. Do You have any upcoming live shows?

Due to the pandemic situation unfortunately not. But from time to time, I do some streaming events with fellow DJs

14. Do you think your style/genre will change in the future?

Yes, for sure! Looking back in the time it already changed often. I guess it is a kind of evolution.

15. Do you have a set time in the week when you practice?

I try to, but it is not always easy. Too much sidetracking going on.

The only thing I know, if I don’t do it, I miss it.

16. How do you choose the music for your DJ Session?

Basically, if I like the track, I normally put it on the list. But to find new tracks this is to long way to go. Usually there is a lot of Promo Music coming in during the week which needs to be listen at and beside that crawling the different music portals to find the right tracks. And after that there is another round of selection for the set itself. As you can imagine this is time consuming and I guess this influence is the reason why I said I’m sure that my style/genre will change.

17. How can your perspective fans learn more about you?

The easiest ways are to follow me on my social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Mixcloud, Soundcloud. There are a lot of option to learn more about me and even relisten to a missed show here on HNT.

18. Is there anyone you would like to mention who has supported you in your DJ career?

Family, Friends are always supportive. And I already mention Sven FM as the trigger after years to get back in DJing. And of course, my fellow DJs especially DJ la Dous who always supports me.

19. Do you have any new release information you’d like to share?

Actually no, sorry for that. But best is to follow me on the socials to get the latest news.

20. When Did you first become interested in music?

Music started very early in my life. I guess it was around the age of 7 starting to sing in a choir and this ended in an acapella ensemble where I was with for over 20 Years. So, you can say music was always around me.

21. What else do you do for fun besides DJ’ing?

Meeting Friends, creating music, living the IT nerd

22. Why did you choose to play electronic music?

It’s fun to play with and gives you the freedom of creativity.

23. How would you rate the music scene in your home city?

Hmm, difficult to say. Regarding house music, not much to find. Well, I need to say that I live in a small town. If you see the bigger region there is kind of club scene around. So overall nothing to complain about it and quite good.

24. Do you have any formal music education?

No, but the over 20 years Acapella experience was more or less a good substitution for a formal education.


Thank you from all of us here at HNT Radio for giving us the time to speak with us today.

You can check out DJ 5TEFAN5 show during his regular time slot which is Saturday 1 p.m.


Thanks! House Music to Soothe the Soul.

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