Interview Series with DJ Ceyda

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HNT Radio

Interview with Ceyda

Intro: Welcome to HNT Radio’s interview series. We are excited to be in company with DJ Ceyda today and thank Ceyda for giving us the time for this interview.

DJ Ceyda aka Ceyda Ataman calls Amsterdam, Netherlands home and has been a DJ on HNT Radio since 2020.

You can tune in to DJ Ceyda PinkAmster On her regular time slot which is Thursday at 12:00 pm EST.

1. How did you first get interested in electronic music?

It has been a natural progression…back in the day when free downloading was legal, while searching for songs I liked, I found their remixes and rest was history…

2. Who are you biggest influences in the electronic music industry?

Larry Levan, PDM, Joe Clausell

3. What is your favorite genre of electronic music?

Deep House, Disco, Nu-disco, Vocal House

4. What DJ equipment do you use and why?

Pioneer DDJ-400

Price, Portability, Professionalism

5. If you were to do a warm up set for any artist who would it be?

Mark Farina

6. Where do you see yourself in DJ’ing 5 years from now?

Have no clue 🤔

7. How has your experience been as a DJ with HNT Radio?

From the beginning to now, the professionalism, creativity, & support received from HNT has been amazing…it’s been a pleasure & can’t wait to be a part of the long term core members 😇

8. What is the origin of you DJ name?

It’s just my name

9. Have you ever been known as another DJ name?


10. What inspired you to become a DJ?

It just happened naturally…been always involved with music since young age – first of all a dancer since I know how to stand 😅then around age 15 started with preparing mixtapes for record shops where I lived in TR, then in college got involved with university radio development & DJed at midnight hours, when school was over focused on business life, while being a karaoke addict 😅 when I started having health issues & had to spend time home alone, I started spending more time w music production & DJing & voila – with Corona I started taking DJing lessons to learn how to mix vinyl & rest is history…now finally can share my music collection with everyone 😇

11. Do you have any tracks in the works? Record label?

I produce music independently…quite regularly…you can find my music in all platforms under my name ‘Ceyda’ such as Spotify, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon, iTunes, etc

12. Where have you performed? What venues?

First University Radio at college & some local radios and lately I live stream from home regularly for myself & other radios, does that count 😇

13. Do You have any upcoming live shows?

Yes, you can find announcements on my IG & FB pages

14. Do you think you style/genre will change in the future?

Yes, I would like to mix other genres of music as good as I can house…my music collection is quite varied 😇

15. Do you have a set time in the week when you practice?


16. How do you choose the music for your DJ Session?

Listen to my heart ♥️😇🎧

17. How can your perspective fans learn more about you?

I’m almost on all social platforms such as IG, FB, Tik Tok and as well on Soundcloud, Mixcloud & all music platforms…if you listen to my music & listen to the words, you’ll find out a lot about me 😇

18. Is there anyone you would like to mention who has supported you in you DJ career?

Yes, first and foremost my brother for always assisting me with all my technical questions 😇

Then, Michael Gough has invited me to be a guest DJ in his Borderlands show a few times and introduced me to several radios ❤️🙏❤️ has been a pleasure to work with him…

Also I would like to mention the Digital DJ Tips family & my vinyl teacher here in Amsterdam Ilker Soylu, who is the owner of Zwart Goud record Store & my source for great music 🎶🎶🎶

19. Do you have any new release information you’d like to share?

I’m currently working on a new album – hoping to finalize by October 😇 more details later…

20. When Did you first become interested in music?

Family started feeding me great music at cradle 😅😅don’t really know, always been a part of my life…

21. What else do you do for fun besides DJing?

Painting, Photography, Music Production, Video Editing, Karaoke, Reading, Writing, Learning new things, Adventures, Travelling, Spa, Chilling w family & friends, playing w doggy 😇

22. Why did you choose to play electronic music?

That’s just the beginning 😇

23. How would you rate the music scene in you home city?

Capital of house music

24. Do you have any formal music education?


Thanks you from all of us here at HNT Radio for giving us the time to speak with us today.

You can check out DJ Ceyda’s show during her regular time slot which is 12: 00 pm EST.

Thanks! House Music to Sooth the Soul.

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