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Intro: Welcome to HNT Radio’s interview series. We are excited to be in company with Foxxy DJ today and thank Nicola for giving us the time for this interview.

Nicola calls home Edinburgh and has been a DJ on HNT Radio since March 2018.

You can tune in to Nicola on her regular time slot which is 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET.

1. How did you first get interested in electronic music?

Well i have always loved electronic music since the 80s when i got into Depeche Mode and New Order, then the house scene exploded just at the time i was a teenager and i found Marshall Jefferson, Steve ‘silk’ Hurly and Sterling Void, anything from Chicago really.

2. Who are your biggest influences in the electronic music industry? They would be Tony Wilson, founder of factory records, Graham Park who dj’ed at the hacienda, and Marshall Jefferson as he laid down the sound i fell in love with.

3. What is your favourite genre of electronic music? Chicago House, i just loved the way it makes people move on the dance floor, the influence it took from soul and disco that paved the way for all the genres we have today.

4. What DJ equipment do you use and why? I use pioneer cdj 900 and pioneer djm800, i have just moved over from cds to usbs as this is becoming the norm in pubs and clubs, plus its easier to carry my music around ha!

5. If you were to do a warm up set for any artist who would it be? Graham Park, i have been to his gigs, listened to his pod casts, followed him for years. He knows his craft and loves house music, he keeps it simple and lets the music do the talking, i could learn a lot by just watching him.

6. Where do you see yourself in DJ’ing 5 years from now?

Oh thats a tough question, when i started out i set myself yearly goals to see what i could achieve, up to now i have done most but had to move others, i hope to have played my ultimate goal by then, Electric Elephant in Croatia, its where i got inspired to take up djing. I would also like to have a few tracks i have produced myself being spun by other djs too.

7. How has your experience been as a DJ with HNT Radio? Fantastic, Gary is a star and very supportive, he loves what he does and recently gave me the opportunity to dj live on the radio which i have always wanted to do under my own show. Hopefully i will get to do it again.

8. What is the origin of you DJ name? Simple its my surname

9. Have you ever been known as another DJ name? Nope just the one i have now

10. What inspired you to become a DJ? Well i was at a boat party in Croatia and loving the tunes the dj was playing, i kept saying to my friend OMG the next track is amazing and she said, ‘you need to do this you know this music so well’, so when we got home she bought me a set of turntables and the rest as they say is history.

11. Do you have any tracks in the works? Record label? Not just yet but its something i am looking to do this year.

12. Where have you performed? What venues? Mostly i dj around Edinburgh, my biggest known gig was at a venue called Cabaret Voltaire, this is where i got chance to do an open deck slot they were putting on. That was a great experience and i hope to do more venues like that soon.

13. Do You have any upcoming live shows? Yep i do a monthly night in Edinburgh called Electro Cycle with my good friend Hi-Tech John, i have a festival slot in july, support progression with VeeringEast and host a monthly open decks night too.

14. Do you think you style/genre will change in the future? I don’t know as i cover a few styles now, but music changes anyway and as we know old sounds get rediscovered by a new generation, they are what keep this music alive, with out them it would just be another genre that goes out of fashion.

15. Do you have a set time in the week when you practice? Not really i try to do some stuff at the weekend, but mostly i just fit it in when i can, i don’t really watch television so djing at home is what i end up doing.

16. How do you choose the music for your DJ Session? Now thats a very good question, usually i put a load of tracks on my ipod, then as i am working i listen to them and log the tunes i like on a spreadsheet. I then try them out later on my decks to see if i still like them or not.

17. How can your perspective fans learn more about you? Well i have a bio on my Electro Cycle website, or visit my mixcloud page to catch other mixes ive done, as with everyone else i have a Foxxy DJ facebook page too.

18. Is there anyone you would like to mention who has supported you in you DJ career? Yes Michael Gough, John Doran, Tamm Smith, Housego and my best mate Sue Walker. These are all people who have helped me start off, give me opportunities to dj and mentor me so far, as with everything i am still learning and they are a great support network when i need them.

19. Do you have any new release information you’d like to share? Not at this time no sorry.

20. When Did you first become interested in music? When i was 11 and watched a uk pop program called top of the pops, i then started reading a magazine called smash hits which basically told you what was happening in pop music at the time, i so got into all the bands, it was a great time for music.

21. What else do you do for fun besides DJ’ing? I am a drummer in an all girl group called Fistymuffs, we are whats called a punk riot gurl band and cannot be any further from the House music i dj lol i have also bought my first house to decorating is taking priority too.

22. Why did you choose to play electronic music? Cause i just love it so much, it makes me feel happy.

23. How would you rate the music scene in your home city? Its a bit strange, i feel its more of a live band venue type of a place, its difficult getting dj gigs for the style of music i play, so thats why i try and put my own night on around the city.

24. Do you have any formal music education? None, i attended a short 6 week beginners drumming class about 3 years ago as i wanted to improve my djing, things like timing and beat matching, but apart from that i have around 30 years of listening to House music.

Thanks you from all of us here at HNT Radio for giving us the time to speak with us today.

You can check out Foxxy DJ show during her regular time slot which is 2pm EST / 7pm GMT / 8pm CET.

Thanks! House Music to Sooth the Soul.

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