Mouvement with Alain Vinet

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Tuesday 07:00 P.M.

For 25 years, Alain Vinet has been a constant fixture in the Montreal DJ scene.

After 11 years as Cirque du Soleil’s Musical Director, he is back bringing his sexy House Music Sounds to the world. Inspired by his 5 years DJ residency at world renowned (((Stereo))) nightclub (1998 to 2003) called Mouvement,now comes this radio show, Tuesdays from 7 to 9 PM on House Nation Toronto Radio. Featuring new and old exciting House Music Sounds, 7 to 8 will be labeled “Day by Day” (Daytime Vibes Music) while 8 to 9 will be labeled “Night by Night” (Night time more clubby vibes).

We will also have some Guest DJ appearances once in a while to keep things exiting.

Enjoy the ride ! – Alain Vinet

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