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Spandā = vibration, pulsation, movement. Purveyor of uplifting, infectious dance grooves and positive vibrations.  DJ Spandā is known for playing a soundscape of house, tech house, funk and old school hip hop. A California native, Spandā grew up in a musical family learning guitar, piano and vocals. However, more often than not she could be found ditching school to venture to the Bay Area to groove with some of the most legendary hip hop artists and DJ’s of our time. Spandā continues to be inspired by her audience and the power of music. Her passion for music and movement is infectious and her drive to provide a container of transformation through sound and vibration is potent. When not DJ’ing Spandā (Anjali-Allie) can be found teaching yoga, Āyurveda and chanting mantra internationally.


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  1. Look Forward to collaboration in your music and building your fan base! Welcome to HNT Radio Allie!

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