The Good Foot with Mudfoot

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Biweekly Thursday 12:00 P.M.

Mudfoot is a mixtape maestro and DJ from Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to private parties and the typical mundane trifecta of wedding, trivia, and karaoke gigs, he has played bigger events like Psygiving 2015, Mountaintop Shuffle 2017, a couple of Dapper Ratchet lawn burns, a legit Bacchanalia, and Burning Down The Triad (twice). Mixing music is both Mudfoot’s primary magical practice and principal love language, a way of uniting the conscious intellect with the unconscious intuition in the birthing of surreal stories and impossible shapes that make him feel like Donald In Mathmagic Land. In addition to all forms of house and techno, he enjoys playing dub, drum n bass, hiphop, triphop, and pretty much anything else that can be made to mix. He’s looking forward to joining the HNT family and hopefully making it up to some events in Toronto.

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