House Affair Radio with Day 33 Musik

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Friday at 12:00 P.M.

Re-Run Saturday 12:00 A.M.


House Affair Radio is your ultimate secret date with your musical mistress. This show is about pure pleasures, each more savoring than the next, is for the discerning House Music lover at heart. It’s not a sin to have an extramarital house affair with your misstress House Music. The content is mostly focused on harmony and musical transitions. You will notice the quality of the Dj sets is breathtaking. Sometimes there are 4 songs on top of the other to create mash-ups that are out of the ordinary. In short, House Affair radio is your date for the House Music lovers in all its forms. We promote local and international DJs to be on our show by giving them half of our airtime. So it’s their turn to tell us about their musical relationship with House Music in the form of Dj sets. The show is hosted and co-produced by Super Agent 33 (E. Bellamy) and co-produced / directed by Mr Daymus (JF. Besner). Enjoy!

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